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Scratch Cook Social - You NEED this food in your life! It's delicious!!

It’s all about connecting with a diverse group of talented people and I was lucky enough for my path to cross with that of the amazing Bianca Rodrigues Perry

A mother, an entrepreneur, a restaurateur, a producer and moreover, a huge personality🔥

We met in January at the launch of Bia’s Kitchen Show, a YouTube show where Bianca (Bia) showcases local food creators and businesses.📍🥘👨🏽‍🍳

It’s a mixture of conversation, some cooking and of course, eating! all the things that ✅ my boxes. The show is a wonderful platform for both the established local businesses and newbies to this world, like me 😊

So I was extremely honoured to be invited to film a 60 minute episode with Bia, where I was able to share my journey ‘from corporate exec to foodie entrepreneur’ and all the important influences in my life that have informed the type of business I have created.

I also got to cook and share the step-by-step recipe for one of my favourite dishes ‘Tandoori Supreme of Chicken, Masala Sweetcorn and Pickled Onions’.

The episode has just launched on YouTube and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did in making it ⭐️

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