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If any of the following statements are true, then you've come to the right place


🎯 You are a business leader, event organiser, EA or PA
🎯 You’re looking for an innovative way to harness the power of your team
🎯 You’re bored of existing team building activities and event catering

🎯 You want to create a memorable dining experience with friends, family or colleagues


#ScratchCook.Social delivers the following services

✅ A unique and novel team building experience using Indian whole spices


✅ Freshly prepared, wholesome and tasty event catering


✅ Exclusive private dining incorporating traditional Indian cuisine, international cooking techniques and presented in a contemporary style



Discover more by clicking on one of the three panels. 

What our clients say...

Louise, Team Building Experience

"Interactive, collaborative and fun. I really enjoyed learning about the different spices and how they might balance when put together. It was really fun trying to blend spices with the team, coming up with the spice mix name and trying to put together something that might just be edible! A lot of fun.
The food was also fantastic."

Tracey McAtamney, Private Dining Experience

"The experience was amazing. The flavors were delicate and so tasty. The wines matched each course perfectly. The service from Raj was 5 star and so interesting to talk to him about each course! *****"

Karen Massey, Private Dining Experience

"Thank you so much for preparing and educating me on your passion that is food on a different level.  I can honestly say you have changed my view on Indian cuisine and how it takes the stage on fine dining"
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