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Our why

Cooking from scratch is at the heart of everything we do and with nature providing such a bounty of goodness, it is by marrying the produce with traditional cooking techniques that we aim to elevate our recipes to excite and delight all your senses.

Our senses are the tools we use to perceive the world around us and when excited in a positive way, they trigger those euphoric feelings of joy, love and appreciation.  

We believe these euphoric feels can be further heightened when breaking bread with others and that social and physical interaction are necessary mechanisms to achieve this.

Whether it is with family, friends, work colleagues or complete strangers, Scratch Cook Social aims to bring people together around food.   

Our founder

Having grown up as a 2nd generation Indian immigrant in London, Rajesh 'Raj' Darji was exposed to a wonderful concoction of cultures, aromas and flavours which sometimes presented contradictions and often proved complimentary to the homely traditions of his parents. Later in life and mainly through his long corporate career, Raj was able to travel to, and live in different parts of the world. All of these experiences have informed the types of ingredients he likes to cook with and the styles in which they are prepared.  

Raj developed his business and entrepreneurial acumen during his 22 career at Bosch, where he led global teams delivering innovative technologies in the automotive space.   

In 2023, Raj took some time out to re-assess his goals in balance with his Ikigai which led him to experiment with one of his truest passions - Food.  This became the catalyst in the formation of Scratch Cook Social as well as co-founding the street food company - Bongo Bunee Chow.  

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